The Wolf Among Us
The Wolf Among Us (logo)
Developer(s) Telltale Games
Publisher(s) Telltale Games
Distributor(s) Vertigo
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Writer(s) Pierre Shorrett
Composer(s) Jared Emerson-Johnson
Platform(s) PC, Xbox 360, PS3, iPad
Release date(s) "Faith"
October 11, 2013 (XBLA, PC/Mac)
October 11, 2013 (PSN)
December 4, 2013 (iOS)
"Smoke and Mirrors"
February 4, 2014 (PC/Mac, PSN)
February 5, 2014 (XBLA)
"A Crooked Mile"
April 8, 2014 (PC/Mac, PSN)
April 9, 2014 (XBLA, PSN)
April 10, 2014 (iOS)
"In Sheep's Clothing"
May 27, 2014 (PC/Mac, PSN)
May 28, 2014 (XBLA)
May 29, 2014 (iOS)
"Cry Wolf"
July 8, 2014 (PC/Mac, PSN)
July 9, 2014 (XBLA)
July 10, 2014 (iOS)
Genre(s) Adventure

The Wolf Among Us is a video game developed and published by Telltale Games. It is canon with the comic book universe and is set as a prequel to the comic book.



The 4 dialouge options for Bigby when he interacts with people.

The Wolf Among Us is a point-and-click adventure game, where the player, in control of the protagonist Bigby Wolf, can move about the environment and examine and interact with other characters or objects. It is similar to Telltale's previous game, The Walking Dead, in that the player may make choices in their actions or through conversation trees that will influence future events in the story, including events in future episodes. These include major decisions, such as deciding which of two culprits to chase after while allowing the other to go free.

In action, the player will respond to a series of quick time events.

Like The Walking Dead, these choices are recorded by Telltale, and general statistics on the major choices are presented to the player after completing each episode to allow them to compare their take on the story to others. Telltale has worked to make some of these choices affect parallel events within the narrative, such as choosing which of two people to help first, and later learning from the second one that their help could have been used before.[1]

Some scenes are more action-oriented, requiring the player to respond to a series of quick time events. Failure to do these correctly may end the scene with the death of Bigby or another character, but the game will restart at a checkpoint just before that scene to allow the player to try again. In some instances, failure to active particular quick time events results in minor game decisions.



Steve Allison, the senior vice president of marketing at Telltale Games, announced they were working on a game based on the comic book Fables in an interview with All Things Digital in February 2011.[2]

Telltale formally announced plans for a Fables game at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in June 2011.[3]


After several postponements, Telltale's Fables game was re-announced at the New York Comic Con in October 2012.[4]


It was revealed under the working title of Fables, but it was revealed that it would receive a new name in February 2013. The final name is The Wolf Among Us, after the main character Bigby Wolf.[5][6]



Fabletown is located in New York City, Manhattan.

The Wolf Among Us is set in the year 1986, decades before the events of the first issue of Fables. For years, many of the magical and mystical lands described in myth, legend, and folklore (known colloquially as "the homelands") have been occupied by an enigmatic tyrant known only as the Adversary. To escape the Adversary's marauding armies and totalitarian regime many creatures and characters known as "fables" fled to the mundane world and created an enclave known as Fabletown in colonial America, now located in modern-day Manhattan. To mask their presence from the native humans (referred to as "mundies") all non-human fables have to purchase an enchantment known as a "glamour" which allows them to appear human, or be relocated to a rural community known as "The Farm". The reformed Big Bad Wolf, Bigby Wolf, is the sheriff of Fabletown and is responsible for hiding the community from the wider world and enforcing its laws.


1. "Faith"Edit

Many fairy tale creatures have moved into an area of Manhattan known as "Fabletown". The sheriff, Bigby Wolf, once the infamous "Big Bad Wolf," becomes swept into a case involving the gruesome murder of a Fable. With this death in Fabletown, along with his history of violence and brutality, Bigby finds his role as protector and sheriff threatened.

2. "Smoke and Mirrors"Edit

Sheriff Bigby continues his investigation into the murders in Fabletown leading to quite some unexpected turns.

3. "A Crooked Mile"Edit

After discovering damning evidence at a bloody crime scene, Bigby is just steps behind the prime suspect of a horrific murder, but he's not the only one; other forces in Fabletown will stop at nothing to protect their interests.

4. "In Sheep's Clothing"Edit

Beaten and bloody, Bigby is confronted by the realization that a society built on secrets is ripe for exploitation. And that the disenfranchised of Fabletown may see his prey not as the cause of their problems, but as their solution. Constantly caught between ‘the rules’ and doing the right thing, Bigby must tread a path fraught with danger in this penultimate episode.

5. "Cry Wolf"Edit

Following a bloody trail of murder and corruption, Bigby Wolf confronts a powerful enemy: a dark force that has been feeding on the desperation of Fabletown's seedy underbelly. But when hidden truths are revealed, you must decide exactly what justice means...



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